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Directory Script Title eSyndicat
Genre Both Free and Paid Versions Available
Programming Lanugage PHP
Logo(if any) eSyndicat
Price Range(USD): $0 - $149 (Prices to increase after release of 2.2 version to about $249
Project Started 2005

Description and Review For eSyndicat Script

This script is a great starting script for any directory owner just like PHPLD is, it’s simple to use and easy to install and get the hang of , the free version 1.6 is good for kick starting your directory. But it could use more work. I have personally tested and tried version 2.0 Pro for about few days, and to be frank its overwhelming experience if you compare it to phpld paid version. The admin panel is easy to use and manage the links, Ajax based category selection both for administrator and those submitting links, which I feel is a great feature, especially when you are adding categories. It does not come with default category dump, but can get lost of free dumps on their supporter forums. This script has lots of issues if I compare it with phpld itself. And kind of slow support, maybe i purchased license at wrong time around 25-28th Dec, 2006, seems like they had their support offices or personal away till like Jan 4th or 3rd, but they seem to have been gone for about 1-2 weeks as I kept asking for support on their forums/helpdesk for issues i had, but never got any reply back, till I decided to ask for refund which I got like on Jan 8th. There was also one other guy who had been waiting for support prior to xmas, and was in same boat as me. But like anything goes, first impression is the last express, and I gave them -1/10 on their own forums for awful support. Currently, what the situation is , I am not sure about. But apart from poor, invisible support and few bugs, script is good, but definitely not better than phpld, reason why? Well it has the poorest payment module ever i seen in any script which is that expensive.

However, they are coming up with latest release 2.2 , which according to Simon (owner and mind behind the script) , has lots of features and I shall post those features here:

  • 1. Full ACL support (Access Control List)
  • 2. Modular support (as in Joomla, Drupal)
  • 3. IIS Support
  • 4. Integrate AJAX data grid widget like in Omega version
  • 5. Search by newly added fields (search criterias)
  • 6. Graphical statistic (charts)
  • 7. Checking reciprocal link if plan is free
  • 8. Add an option feature, partner links to go to link details page or not
  • 9. Don’t show paypal button if plan is free
  • 10. The Features or Partner links as Sponsored
  • 11. Drag and drop admin blocks (customizing administrative blocks)
  • 12. Autocomplete AJAX feature (live search in the frontend)
  • 13. TagCloud
  • 14. Pagination (on the pages)
  • 15. Image uploading (through the FCKEditor)
  • 16. Full I18N support (including assets, javascript error messages)
  • 17. Smart Reciprocal checking (whether or not recip url in HTML or javascript comment etc..)
  • 18. Multiple categories listing submission
  • 19. More easy working with email templates (I18N support, two format support HTML and Plaintext)
  • 20. Sponsored functionality improvement. New payment systems addition
  • 21. Deep Links Mod

To be frank i am looking forward to testing the script again and check out their new “Sponsored functionality improvement. New payment systems addition” . Plus want to see exactly what sort of deeplinks mod exists.

The pricing structure I feel is better than most scripts I have seen, it has an affordable price for unlimited license $149, not sure if anyone would be buying at higher price of $249 after the release of their new version 2.2 Pro. Plus single domain license is only $49, bit higher at first glance than what you pay for PHPLD, but it comes with support and no footer link, whereas you have to pay additional $10 for phpld to get access to support forum and additional $50 for footer link removal, thus technically phpld costs $85. But wins straight down over esyndicat cause of way better payment module, cause most prefer to have paid links feature on their directory, and a system that can track the same in a better manner.

Hopefully things will improve with eSyndicat regarding support, and the features of their script with time. Please post your comments if you have used this script before.

And remember its eSyndicat not eSyndictae which most people make mistakes at, myself included. :).

Here are some of the comments we have managed to collect from forums like

This is what wildweb posted on digitalpoint :

“PH…I used to use it (paid version) for more than a year on one of my directories. I’ll say from experience that it does offer a great set of features especially in the newer paid versions. I will refrain from listing why I no longer use it as to your request to keep this as a respectable “no bash” thread. I would still recommend it even given those reasons why I changed based on the features and functionality. My only caveat would be to proceed with caution”

Comment from popotalk again from digitalpoint :

“Lot of features and has language integration. But we are building one with an English and our local language version so….”

We had a chance to interview Simon, here is what he had to say :

What is your name and age and where are you from?
My name is Simon. I’m 24 years. Currently I’m in Central Asia.

When was the project started? And might we dare ask what inspired to work on a directory script?
eSyndiCat was started in August, 2005. I used to have some sites and I needed a good link exchange script to promote them. So I tried some script but none satisfied me. So I decided to write my own script that fits my needs.

Initially how many people were involved with the project? And what is the situation today?
There were 2 persons involved in the very beginning. I developed it and there was one guy who helped me with support. After a work of 3-4 months another guy started to help me. Now we have 9 full time employees working on the script.

Do you feel that the project has been successful so far?
Yes I do. And appreciation of more than 10K webmasters really proves that.

What are your expectations about the future of the project?
The only future we can see it’s success. Now we are working on our 2.2 version and it will have plug-ins system. It will be easy to upgrade the versions and development will be much faster.

Do you have any other projects in mind that will come out soon? Or if there are other projects/scripts already released?
Sure, we have several other products. I joined a new company and now we work together to bring some new products in a life. You might want to check to see what other products we have.

Do you plan on increasing the license price? And you think its rightly deserved?
Yes. We will increase the price for unlimited domains license. It will cost $249. We have real reasons for its increase.

Any updates to be released soon? What additional features will be present in the next update? I hear version 2.2 is about to be released!
We will release eSyndiCat 2.2 soon. I have announced new features in the forums so you can find all the information there.

Do you have any plans to recode the entire framework? Also, we have heard about few bugs, are they really bugs or just rumors?
eSyndiCat 2.2 has a new core based on module system. What benefits we get:

  1. easier upgrades
  2. more modules/plug ins
  3. extremely flexible functionality

Personally, I never met a bugless software. They all have bugs, more or less.. Of course we will work to fix all the bugs eSyndiCat has.

Personally, I was not satisfied with the support I received, do you plan to rectify the situation and improve the support? Or would you consider me being just being too anxious and demanding?
Actually, opinion of thousands of happy customers with eSyndiCat means more for me. They give me the power to think we are moving in a right way. Of course we have some disappointed customers and we would like to change the situation. Personally I always appreciate any feedback even negative, though it should be objective at least. It makes us think and improve the things. It’s quite difficult to satisfy a number of all customers we have. I think there is just one way to do this – just make perfect software that does not have any bugs. I hope that’s not a dream.

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13 Responses to “eSyndicat Directory Script”

  1. Which Directory Script to Use ? Says:

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  2. Simon Gooffin Says:

    Thanks for this review :)
    “bit higher than what you pay for PHPLD” - actually no.. You should add $50 to phpLD as it does not allow to remove copyright link. “thus technically phpld costs $35.” + 50 = $85 against $49 esyndicat ;)

    Just start with 2.2 version which is released soon and later share your opinion

  3. Tom Cooper aka wildweb Says:

    As I stated above and have told Siomon personally….I think ES is a great script and offers features none of the other scripts currently offer. From what I have seen and read, the upcoming 2.2 version looks outstanding. I hope it is everything that is being promised and then some. I love the fact that ES and the other up and coming scripts that have launched recently give us all the capabilities we need and a vast selection of scripts to pick from.

    My only concern with not only ES but the other scripts as well is the Support factor, the upgrade factor, and the security factors. Each of these plays a vital role to not only the web directory owner but the script coder too. If the script coder makes upgrading a pain or falls short on support or refuses to provide patches for security holes….then no matter how good the script is…it’s absolutely useless and garbage to me. Simon knows very well what I am talking about as he (ES) has fallen short on all three counts. I give him (ES) the benefit of the doubt and will relook at 2.2 going forward.

    Thanks Simon for sharing and we look forward to seeing your upcoming release. I hope that you and the new gang provide superior support to it going forward and are not distracted by the other products you are also working on. Time will tell for sure. Good Luck!

    Tom Cooper

  4. admin Says:

    Well tom i can agree on your support comment that ES lacks ! I just hope that Simon realizes the same and tries to improve it ! As per 2.2 , i am not sure if his staff members on forums want me back there, so i shall reserve my decision till i am sure that none of his staff members have issues with me going back to their forums.

    I just hope they have fixed their payment module, as it was a major turnoff for me.

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