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Free PHPLD Template Resources

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

We are assuming you have read our “How Free PHPLD Helps” article and are wondering “Oh great so where can i find free templates for my directory ? ”

Few Sites that come to my mind right off the bat would be :

I have not included all the sites, including my own that i got running, as they do not have enough templates or variety yet. However, do post the site(s) you found interesting and offered great looking free phpld templates.

How Free PHPLD Templates Help

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

So, you decided to jump into directory business and now are wondering, should I use free phpld template or shall I just keep using the default template ?

Well, let’s look at basic default template provided with the script. If we look at the default theme that is provided by phpld itself, it is pretty plain and simple, and looks like as if someone made the theme in a hurry, as it has no eye-pleasing looks at all. It can be compared to a “Black and White TV” in the LCD age. No offense here to David (owner or mind behind the project called phplinkdirectory or in short PHPLD). Now few can disagree to my above statement as for some default template is great, but that’s just because everyone is entitled to their own viewpoints, no arguing there. But for me I will stick to the “Black and White TV” viewpoint.

If we take a look back at PHPLD and its releases, there were not as many free templates for the directory itself, and even if there were, not many were great looking. But today, thanks to modern age, faster computers, more free time on young lads and the money these free phpld templates can bring, more and more exciting new looks and designs keep coming out on weekly if not daily basis. There were only few sites involved in bringing these free phpld template out, but now almost 2 out of 10 directory owners have their own template making factories, and templates are produced at faster rates, as if bunnies were at work. So, picking or finding the right free template for your directory might not be that a cumbersome choice now a days.

But the question still remains “why should I use free phpld template and how does it help ? “ . Well basically think about it this way, would you rather wear the same shirt and shorts like every one else in your neighborhood or would like to look unique so maybe someone might notice you? That is basically it, free templates provide means to have a directory, that looks different than others. This produces less confusion for link submitters, and also mr google’s spiders remain happy. Although google works on principle of unique content, design also plays important role too. So from SEO perspective, and as a webmaster’s viewpoint, uniquely designed directories have more potential than their counterparts. But if you are using free template, chances of you having a unique look are slightly lower than actually buying a template, or hiring a coder/designer to make a unique directory template, because someone else might also have stumbled upon the same theme. However, with so many unique free templates getting released, I would say chances of having more than 10 directories with same theme are 45% maybe.

Short Summary as to how free templates help:

  • Provides a better looking directory than default phpld theme.
  • Makes directory slightly more user friendly (in some cases it might be reversed though, so choose your template with care).
  • Google bots, and other bots might find your directory worth visiting, but remember most bots look for content, design is not important as content is for serps.
  • Saves you money, which you can use to promote and kick start your directory, if your budget is really tight.
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